Blue Iguana Bamboo Clothing Co.


Welcome to Blue Iguana Bamboo Clothing Co.

Our mission is to create the most comfortable, the most stylish and the most natural line of clothing you have ever worn.
We have all become more conscious of the earth, our bodies and the environment.
Now it is time to put it all together to care about what we wear.

To that end, we source only the most natural materials and everything is certified so that it is processed the best way possible.
For our packaging, we also use only natural or recycled or recyclable materials.

Now, this all sounds wonderful, but if the style and fit doesn't make you feel great, then we haven't accomplished what we set out to do. With that in mind, we will be partnering with emerging designers and other industry professionals to stay cutting edge to offer you only the best.  

We look forward to you being a part of this exciting time for the natural clothing industry and for
Blue Iguana Bamboo Clothing Co. !!!